This Is Not A Good Look, Montana Ranks In The Top 5 For Road Rage

In case you could not tell from the title I was being sarcastic by using the word great.

Turns out Montana drivers are some of the angriest drivers on the road, but why is the question.

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Montana Road Rage Theories

The Consumer Affairs website is where we find that Montana is almost at the very top of the rankings when it comes to road rage in America.

It also proves that road rage doesn't come from congested highways as Montana is pretty wide open, but maybe that's the issue.

When it comes to accidents with fatalities due to aggressive and/or careless driving Montana is right there at the top with over 203 during 2023 and already we have 58 in 2024.

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A map of America showing Montana ranks #3 for Road Rage

Are Montana Residents Really That Angry?

I know in Montana we like to blame transplants and outsiders for a lot of the issues happening in our state, but when it comes to road rage, they might actually be to blame.

Remember when Montana didn't have a speed limit? Well I've noticed some out of state drivers who seem to think we still don't.

Also, the left lane on a four lane highway or interstate is the passing lane, not a "I'm going 5 mph faster so I'll just drive over here" lane.

Those are just a couple reasons that I can see that will cause Montana drivers to experience road rage.

What driving pet peeve do you have that causes you anger? Let us know through the App or email me your answer, then check out the gallery below and test your Montana driving knowledge. 👇

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