Why Has Target Started To Ban Teen Shoppers?

Retail theft has seen a big of a spike in the last year, and Target is one store that has seen it skyrocket.

According to a report by the website Online Dasher, Target through just the first 5 months of 2023, saw a 120% increase of theft in their stores.

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Retail theft hurts more than just the stores bottom line, it also hurts shoppers who don't steal with increased prices and more.

To hopefully slow down the amount of retail theft and shoplifting that happens at their stores, Target has taken to locking up certain items in different departments.

However two stores in California and New York have taken a bit more of an extreme tactic to reduce theft.

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Is It Really Teens We Should Be Punishing?

Target has stated that 25% of shoplifters are underage.

Yet, that seems to also ignore the fact that almost 60% of all shoplifting is committed by those under 30, according to the website The Street.

None the less, as you can see from the following Business Blurb Instagram video, those under the age of 18 are not allowed into this store unless accompanied by an adult.

Shrink, and reducing it, is something that plenty of stores have been taking a close look at lately.

Some are handling it by removing self checkouts, checking receipts, and locking up certain products.

I just don't know if banning Montana kids from stores is really the America we want.

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