Montana Is Home To 55 State Parks

Montana is home to two of the most popular national parks in America.

While Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park may get all the attention, the state parks are the true hidden gems of the state.

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Montana's First State Park Was Established in 1935

The Lewis & Clark Caverns was Montana's very first state park and is arguably the most popular one to this day. It is located in Whitehall, Montana just east of Butte.

Montana's newest state park is Somers Beach located on Flathead Lake. This state park was designated as such in 2021, making it less than 5 years old.

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What Are The 5 Biggest State Parks In Montana?

With over 94 million acres in Montana, there is plenty of land to make into state parks, but what one is the biggest.

Let's start with the fifth largest state park and work our way to the largest one.

a wild horse located on Wild Horse Island In Montana
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Wild Horse Island

Established in 1977 this state park totals 2,164 acres. Wild Horse Island which is only accessible by boat is still home to a few wild horses, hence the name.

the inside of the lewis & clark caverns with purple lighting
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Lewis & Clark Caverns

The oldest state park is also the 4th largest as well with a total of 2,920 acres. The limestone caverns at the Lewis & Clark Caverns are jaw dropping in their beauty and size.

a family looks at the information station at Rosebud Battlefield in Montana
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Rosebud Battlefield

The 3rd largest state park was established in 1978 and has a total of 3,052 acres. On June 17th 1876, Rosebud Battlefield, was the location of a battle that was the forerunner to the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Rafting boats at Fish Creek State Park In Montana
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Fish Creek

With 6,200 total acres Fish Creek is the second largest State Park in Montana. Established in 2010 this park offers visitors hiking, mountain biking, fishing and wildlife viewing.

Makoshika State Park in Montana at sunset makes the rocks look red
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Makoshika State Park

Established in 1953 Makoshika is Montana's largest state park. With a total of 11,634 acres, this state park is just a bit smaller than the previous 4 parks combined.

If you are a fan of dinosaurs this is the park for you as you'll see the remains of T-Rex's, Triceratops and other prehistoric life.

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Montana has many more wonderful state parks to visit, to see some of them check out the gallery below. 👇

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