What Is The New #1 Town People Are Moving To In Montana?

You'd think by now Montana would start to slip in the rankings for being one of the most popular places people are moving to.

More businesses have stopped remote work, Yellowstone has been on a long hiatus, and we've let everyone know just how harsh the winter months are.

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Even with all that Montana is still finding itself as a place people want to move to, and to be honest we can't really blame them.

Montana is a wonderful state and all of us living here know it; it's just we liked it better when it was our little secret.

Well, the secret is out, and there is one Montana town that is finding out it has become the new hip destination for transplants.

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Why Is This Montana Town One Of The Fastest Growing Places?

The website Move Buddha took a look at Google searches, and to avoid outliers, there had to be at least 25 searches about moving to or moving from the town to be considered.

In all there were 6 cities in Montana that made their list, and shockingly, Bozeman is not the top place people are moving to.

No, the top spot now belongs to a different college town in Montana.


A map of montana focused on Missoula with a pin on the map

That's right Missoula sees 267 people moving in for every 100 moving out.

Here's all 6 Montana towns Move Buddha lists and their In-to-Out ratio:

  1. Missoula 267 to 100
  2. Bozeman 238 to 100
  3. Kalispell 236 to 100
  4. Great Falls 206 to 100
  5. Helena 135 to 100
  6. Billings 125 to 100

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