MT Pints according to The Electric could possibly be closing at the end of the year.

Owner Nate Weisenberger told The Electric that the new owner has plans to redesign the location they currently occupy, “meaning there is a good chance MT Pints will be closing its doors at the end of the year.”

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I am serious when I say the building might be cursed.  There have been quite a few business that have shut down since it first opened.

So with a new business potentially opening we asked you the listeners what you would like to see move in.

We got a huge response. Some were serious, some not so serious.

A few of the things we do not want to see go into the building are casinos, car washes, mattress stores or banks. Residents obviously feel we've got enough of those, and a quick drive down 10th Ave South makes their case pretty clear.

We had a couple people say "Dispensary" and admittedly, it would be a nice location and building for one.  One listener even joked that the "Playground" should reopen there.

A couple other suggestions were a plus sized boutique, a fish and chips restaurant, and Salad Creations. I don't think Salad Creations would be a good idea, only because it looks like they are closing down all over the place.  There are only 6 locations left in America, 4 of which are in Florida.

We also heard suggestions about bringing back The Front and Faster Basset that previously occupied the building.

I think my favorite idea that you won't find listed below was the concept of a tire shop that sold lousy Mexican food.  It's not the best idea- but it might not be the worst either.

Check out the gallery below to see what Great Falls residents would like to see move in to the old MT Pints location.

MT Pints is closing, what does Great Falls want to open now?

Great Falls residents sound off on what they hope could open in the old MT Pints location.

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