There are lots of holidays in America. Some have been around for so long they are federal holidays and you get the day off from work. Then there are some that you might not even known was a holiday. These holidays are usually made up by a company or a brand looking to increase sales.

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Companies are constantly trying to think up new ways to sell you their products. One of the most unique ways of doing that is by inventing holidays. Hallmark has invented numerous "holidays" to sell you greeting cards. Most people assume that they invented Valentine's Day, however that is not the truth.

Now perhaps some of the holidays on our list are familiar to you. Some of these holidays have actually done some good as well. All of them however are the brain child of a company looking to get their brand more awareness, increase sales or get people to use their products in one way or another.

Is this article revealing the truth about them going to stop them from happening, or prevent you from taking part in them. No, and I am not trying to accomplish either one of those things either. Heck I take part in a lot of them myself. I think we can all agree something like "Small Business Saturday" is a positive things in communities.

Just know that some of those "holidays" that have you saying, "hey when did this start to be a holiday," probably were thought up in some board room.

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Companies will try anything to sell more product including creating a holiday from thin air. Read on to see how each of these holidays were created.

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