Why Do Police Touch The Back Of Your Car On A Traffic Stop?

Maybe you've never had the misfortune to be pulled over by the police in Montana, and if that's so good for you.

For those that have been pulled over for a traffic stop, have you ever noticed that before talking to you the police will touch your car? There are 3 good reasons for that.

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This one comes from Readers Digest, and they say the reason for a police officer touching your car is as follows,

Basically, if the officer’s safety were to be jeopardized by the driver, or if the car fled, investigators could track that fingerprint to the suspect in question. Who knew?!

This is probably the one reason you've heard of for the police to touch your vehicle upon approaching it, but the following two reasons I had never heard of before.

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A police officer talks to a driver during a traffic stop

Reason #2

This reason comes from the website MotorVerso, and the reason they give as to why a cop touches the rear of your car during a traffic stop is because,

Police officers may touch a stopped vehicle’s rear to check that the trunk is closed if they believe it to be risky. Although it might seem unusual, the police employ this tactic to ensure nobody lurks under the trunk who could emerge at any moment and harm them.

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A police car with lights flashing pulls over a vehicle during a snow storm

Reason #3

Once again from MotorVerso,

To terrify drivers is the third reason police officers touch the taillight or other areas at the back of cars during traffic stops. Police officers run the possibility of deadly circumstances during traffic stops.

One solution to this issue is to touch a car’s back. The driver may not have anticipated the tap. Consequently, the officer will probably frighten them when it occurs. The motorist will then stop and wait a short while.

The little wait allows the police officer time to determine whether the driver is making any attempt to conceal anything.

All 3 reasons are to keep the officer safe, and allow them time to observe and assess the situation at hand to help make the right decision.

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