6Great Falls Montana Man Flashing Cars Driving By

10th Avenue South in Great Falls is one of the most traveled roads in Montana as thousands of cars drive on it each day.

Lately at the corner of 9th Street South and 10th Avenue South there has been a man hoping to bring a bit of joy into peoples lives.

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You would be hard pressed to miss the grey bearded man in the lawn chair on the corner near the stop light.

It might just be the busiest corner in the city, and almost every afternoon, even when it's freezing cold, it is where you will find Kelly Vollrath.

But who is Kelly Vollrath and why is he sitting in that chair flashing a peace sign to every vehicle that passes by.

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Kelly Vollrath a man from Great Falls Montana on the corner of 10th Ave S and 9th St S
Nick Northern

"I Put My Trust In God, And He Put Me Back Together"

Kelly, along with his wife, moved to Montana from North Dakota in 1976.

They had two kids, a boy and a girl, and for a time he was, as he called himself, "a starving artist, and Mr. Mom."

He became an electrician, and during his time to earn his license, he suffered an accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, putting an end to that career.

As for why Kelly is doing what he does, there are a couple reasons he says.

Since his accident he's no longer working so instead of "sitting home and watching the boob tube all day," he said he'd get outside and have some fun.

His other reason is he hopes to spread some positive energy, and maybe have a chance to talk to people who come up to him about his Lord and Savior.

So the next time you pass the corner of 9th Street South and 10th Avenue South, give Kelly a honk or peace sign of your own.

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