OK, first things first, let me get my flame retardant suit on because I am going to probably upset some people with this opinion.


I do not understand the infatuation with Taco Treat.

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I'm not saying it's bad or I hate the food. Far from it.

What I don't understand is residents of Montana who move away and the first thing they do is head to Taco Treat because it's the thing they missed the most.

Am I missing something because I didn't grow up here?

I once asked when I would be finally accepted as a true Montanan.

Writing this article probably means I'll never get accepted, or ever have my opinion respected ever again.

I just need you to know, I don't think that Taco Treat is bad food.

I think their sauce is AMAZING, I buy a bottle of it immediately after running out of the last one.


Is that the "secret sauce" to the success of Taco Treat?

Is the sauce the reason why everyone loves the place?

I mean people love it so much they are getting tattoos of the logo.

Jared Sayer
Photo Credit: Jared Sayre

I was told "you just don't get it because you didn't grow up here."

While that might be true, it still doesn't square the circle that is the almost cult like devotion to the restaurant.

Now I can't stress enough that I'm not knocking Taco Treat, but I need long time residents to explain to what it is I'm missing.

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