Tax Season Means Scammers Are Out In Force

Tax season is coming up quickly for Montana residents.

While we all hate paying our taxes, or at least all want to pay as little as possible, tax season is also when scammers are trying to separate you from your money.

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You may feel taxes are a scam to begin with, but making sure you're not falling for potential scams around this time of year takes vigilance.

That's why we've got 5 quick and easy tips to be on the look out for that will help keep you from getting scammed this tax season.

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1. Know that the IRS will never call you directly:

Sadly this is a scam that happens all year round, not just at tax season. However during this time of year you might be more apt to fall for it.

Scammers posing as IRS agents call you and tell you that you own back taxes or that you've got penalties against you that you need to pay for.

Thing is the IRS will never call you directly, and they ask to be paid via transfer or with prepaid debit cards.

2. Make sure your information is secure

Some people are not the most tech savvy, and with a move to a much more digital world, scammers are looking for those targets.

If you get an email claiming to be from the IRS do not open it, as more than likely it's a phishing email and has links inside that will try and steal your personal information.

Never get out information to people you have not verified.

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3. Use only tax preparers that are reputable

Not only will using professional tax preparers save you from being audited, they'll also have to be licensed by the state of Montana.

So do your research before you give out your financial statements and information to just anyone.

4. Those BIG refund promises are most likely a scam

We all want a big refund come tax seasons, but those advertising massive refunds are most likely a scam. This goes double for those tax preparers that don't ask any questions, which is another sign you probably should go some where else.

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5. Stay Vigilante Not Just At Tax Season

While scammers might be trying a bit harder during tax season, they'll working hard every day trying to separate you from your money.

If you stay alert year round you'll keep you and your personal information safe along with more money in your pocket.

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