I do not think I need to tell you how important getting out and being active is for you and your health.  No matter how you exercise, be it at a gym or just taking a walk every evening is good for your long-term health.

Biking is a great way to get some exercise.  It is low impact which means it puts minimal stress on your joints. It also gets you moving which can help with pain as it lubricates those joints thus reducing stiffness.

It is also a great way to get out into nature and see all the beautiful sights and scenes that Montana and Great Falls have to offer.

You might not know it, but the Electric City has some great bike trails for you to ride and experience.  Some are right here in town, others might require a small drive, but all of them are worth checking out.

The best part of biking as exercise is that it is something the whole family can do together. There are just some things families with little ones cannot do together at the gym but putting a bike seat on your bike if your kids have not learned to ride is easy.  Plus, nothing beats enjoying that crisp fresh mountain air we all enjoy here in Montana.

If you are a serious biker do not think all Great Falls has to offer is just relaxing family rides either, we have some surprisingly good trails for those of you who want a little challenge.

So, check out our list of trail rides in and around Great Falls as you "Get Lost" in Montana.

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Bike Trails that you can find and ride in Great Falls Montana

Biking in Great Falls Montana allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery in and around the city. Check out these great biking destinations the next time you are looking to get some exercise.

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