Big Changes At Walmart Stores Could Be Coming To Montana Soon.

Walmart is one of the biggest stores in America, both for shoppers and for employees.

That however does not mean it is safe from criticism as it has been ranked as the worst grocery stores in America for almost 2 decades.

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One of the biggest reasons I feel people dislike shopping at Walmart so much is the fact they have passed on a majority of the employees duties to the shoppers.

Walmart is not alone in this regard as most major grocery stores are guilty of the same issues.

Even big box stores like Target do it as well, but it seems there has finally been some push back and Walmart is listening.

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A woman using a self check out machine

Could Good Customer Service Be Making A Return?

According to the website Business Insider, Walmart will be removing the self-checkout lanes from 3 stores in New Mexico, with possibly more to come.

With theft and what industry insiders call shrinkage on the rise across the nation, the move away from self-checkout might be catching on.

Just the other day I was in Target and they had all the self-checkout lanes closed and were using checkers again.

While introverts might not be excited about the change, the frustration of having to do your own work in order to save money for a massive corporation could be coming to an end in Montana.

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