This Montana Lake Is One Of The Best Lakes In America

For my money, nothing beats a day in, near, or on the water.

Whether you like to fish, swim, float, kayak, ski, or just dip a toe into the water, there are plenty of places to do so in Montana.

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What Makes This Montana Lake So Special?

When it comes to lakes in Montana, we've got over 3,200 lakes that have been named, so how does someone pick the best?

USA Today has named this Montana lake the best for water sports, or at least it's in the running.

Each year, USA Today does their Readers' Choice 10Best awards, and this Montana lake is in the "Best Lake for Water Sports" category.

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You Can Vote To Make Sure This Is The Best Lake

The lake that USA Today nominated is Flathead Lake, which has plenty of reason to be considered the best lake in not just Montana, but America.

For one, it's one of the clearest lakes in America, and it might just have a monster living in it as well.

It's also the largest natural body of freshwater in the western United States.

As of the publication of this article, Flathead Lake is currently ranked #11 out of 20, but we can change that by voting for it as the best lake for water sports from now until the close of voting on June 3rd.

Make sure to check out some of Montana's other amazing lakes in the gallery below.👇

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