When meeting someone new a safe question to ask them is "are you a dog or cat person?" Chance are they are one or the other, as they are two of the most popular pets across America. Randy even professed his love for dogs on our site.

So while dogs and cats may be #1 and #2 in our hearts, what is Montana's third favorite pet?

Well USA Today asked that very question in their article; Guinea pigs, hamsters and more: What's your state's most popular pet (besides cats and dogs)?

Here's how they found the answer,

Officials say most households in the United States have at least one pet. But aside from ever-popular cats and dogs, what are some of the other most popular pets across the country?

Google Trends shared a map with USA TODAY of the most searched pets by state, excluding cats and dogs, with guinea pigs, chinchillas, bearded dragons, sugar gliders and hamsters.

So what is the most searched for pet outside of dogs and cats in Montana?


Sugar Gliders

I have to wonder if people Google sugar gliders the most because they just don't know about them? That or they are so cute they need to look at something cute after the avalanche of doom and gloom in news.

Surprisingly enough you can own one in Montana and there are even people who sell them in our state.

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