Where Is The Best Donut In Montana?

I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't like a donut.

The reason for that is because without fail, there's probably a donut you can find to be a favorite of yours.

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There are so many variations to choose from, glazed, sugar coated, maple, fruit filled, creamed filled you dream it someone can probably make it.

Today bakers are getting wild with their donuts putting toppings on them that seem wild and crazy like bacon bits or cap'n crunch berries.

I'm still searching for someone who can make me a donut as good as the baker in my home town made a cream filled long john with crushed peanuts on top of it.

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A Variety of donut types

Helena Was Home To The Best Donut In Montana

That's why I was so sad when I read about The Dirty Dozen in Helena.

Love Food said their "Curious George" was the best donut in Montana.

Sadly, it appears The Dirty Dozen closed back in July, so now where do I go to get the best donut in Montana?

Well there are few places out there that I know I can get a good donut in Montana.

Hempl's Bakery in Great Falls always offers some great donuts, but you better get up early to ensure you get one.

The website Food and Wine said the best place to get a donut in Montana is in Bozeman at Granny's Gourmet Donuts.

Where do you go for the best donuts in Montana, let us know on our app or on social media, perhaps with your suggestion, I'll find the best donut in Montana.

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