Children's Museum Will Be Staying Put For Now

Being parents of young kids in this day and age of video games and screen time, it's nice to have places to take them to burn off some energy.

One of those places that parents have been taking their kids to for over 25 years is the Children's Museum of Montana.

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Our family loves spending time at the Children's Museum, so with their lease agreement ending last December, we've been a bit nervous it would have to close down.

Thankfully, the City Commission in Great Falls has realized the importance of not just the museum itself but also the need for places where our children can grow and learn.

That's why I'm sure plenty of parents around the Electric City had a big sigh of relief when the museum and the City Commission agreed to a new one-year lease this week.

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Children's Museum Is Still Searching For A New Home

While the new lease extension is great news, there is still a chance the museum could find its doors closed.

The city owns the building that the museum is in, and they are looking to hopefully take over the building as they need to expand.

According to The Electric, one place the museum is looking at for a new location is the old Stray Moose building in Black Eagle.

We hope for future kids growing up in Great Falls that the museum will be able to find a new permanent home soon.

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