What Are The 15 Drunkest Counties In Montana?

For centuries people have been celebrating all sorts of occasions, from weddings, to job promotions, to birthday's by raising a glass and drinking alcohol.

What can be used to celebrate the good times, can also be used to numb the pain of tragedy and depression as well.

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The last few years have been strange for most Americans.

The Covid-19 Pandemic turned the world upside down for practically everyone, and one way people coped was by drinking more.

According to the National Institutes of Health alcohol sales increased by 3% during the first year of the pandemic, which was the biggest increase in over 50 years.

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Binge Drinking In Montana

When it comes to binge drinking in Montana, the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics reports that almost 20% Montana residents binge drink at least once a month.

What Is Binge Drinking?

Binge drinking is classified by the CDC as

  • ...consuming 4 or more drinks on an occasion for a woman or 5 or more drinks on an occasion for a man.
  • Heavy drinking, defined as 8 or more drinks per week for a woman or 15 or more drinks per week for a man.
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County Health Rankings & Roadmaps put together a website allowing you to look at the percentage of excessive drinking in each county.

From there we were also able to look at alcohol impaired driving deaths for those counties as well.

We used the alcohol related deaths to determine tie breakers when the excessive drinking was the same more multiple counties.

Here Are The 15 Drunkest Counties In Montana

Thanks to the information from County Health Rankings, we were able to determine these Montana counties have the highest prevalence of excessive drinking. Alcohol-impaired driving deaths were used to break a tie.

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