Saturday March 23rd Was National Puppy Day

I'll be honest this was one of the cutest articles I had the pleasure of writing.

If you want to just jump right to the pictures I wouldn't blame you if you just scrolled down to do so.

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a smiling akita ina puppy

So Many Great Looking Dogs In Our Area

We asked our listeners on National Puppy Day to post a picture of their four legged friend, and we got a ton of responses.

There are exactly 110 pictures of dogs in our gallery below and each one of these dogs are adorable.

Can you tell I might just be a little bit of a dog lover?

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A picture of a black haired german shepard puppy
Nick Northern/Canva

Say Hi To My New Puppy, Loki

Yep, that cute little black haired German Shepard is my new puppy.

We picked him up on February 24th, and he has been spoiled ever since.

This is my families second German Shepard as we had another one prior to this one whose name was Einstein.

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a german shepard in the grass with his tennis ball
Nick Northern/Canva

Einstein Was One Of The Best Dogs Ever

The dog above was our previous dog, Einstein; sadly, he was stricken with cancer, and it took his life in 2020.

When it comes to dogs, my good friend, the late Skip Walters, said it best.

"There is just something about the outside of a dog that makes the inside of a person feel good."

See These Unbelievably Cute Pups For National Puppy Day 2024

Check out all the pictures we got from our listeners on National Puppy Day

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