I have lived in Montana for over two decades now, and in that time, I have learned one thing. Montanans are proud of being Montanans- VERY proud. It is not a uniquely Montanan thing to be proud of where you are from (looking at you Texas), but to outsiders, Montanan's fanatical love of their state might even seem borderline crazy.

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All that Montana pride is not without good reason though, and it has led to a booming industry of unique and artisan "Made in Montana" products. To be honest, I initially did not understand the appeal of grizzly bear themed products or Montana's insistence on making everything under the sun huckleberry scented or flavored. Unless you have grown up in the mountains, huckleberries (and grizzly bears for that matter) are not things you regularly come across. In Montana however, you can get everything from huckleberry lip balm, wildlife themed jewelry and decor, huckleberry infused pancake mix and everything else in between. All these huckleberries, grizzlies, and more can make for some great gifts- whether that is for birthdays, weddings, holidays, baby showers, or just to send some Montana love to those outside the Big Sky.

I might not have been born and raised in Montana, but as my good friend the late Skip Walters used to say, "I got here as fast as I could."  Montana is a beautiful, wild state, full of talented artists and creators. Seeing all those "Made in Montana" stickers makes me proud to be a Montanan and lets me know I am buying a high-quality product while helping the local economy thrive.

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