I am going to be honest with you, this might not be for the faint of heart. Now that you have been warned you cannot blame me for what you are about to witness.

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I grew up on the wild west of the internet and saw things that you can just never forget. I never saw anything like this though. It is not the worst thing I ever witnessed on the internet, but it might just be the grossest thing.

It came across my feed last night and everyone I have shown it to have had the same reaction. Well not the same, but similar. Repulsion is the best way I would describe it.

I grew up taking care of cattle and saw and did things that most people would gag at so for me I just shrugged. The only thing that surprised me about the video you are about to see, is that he did not have any gloves on.

I realize I might be building up the hype on this video too much and will never be able to deliver. Heck you might enjoy these types of videos. I mean people love to watch pimple popping videos and find them calming. For those of you who are a bit squeamish, again, you have been forewarned. It just might be an image that forever haunts you.

So without further delay, it is time to see what this vet pulls out this cow’s nose. I bet the cow is thankful.

@drvancuren #cattle #ranch #farm #charolias #heifer #calf #fyp ♬ original sound - DrVancuren

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