Christmas Eve as a kid is one the most amazing night of the year. The anticipation of Santa coming to bring presents can send most kids in a frenzy of excitement.

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As a kid I was always worried he would not be able to find my house. Then even if he could I worried he would not be able to get inside since we did not have a chimney. I remember telling my parents to make sure to leave the door unlocked so he could come inside.

I would try and stay up as late as I could to hear the reindeer hooves on the roof. It was a fruitless effort because I would always fall asleep, as visions of sugarplums danced in my head. I did not know what sugarplums were, and to be honest, I still do not. Like most kids what I dreamed of were the toys he would bring for Christmas morning.

I also wondered how Santa as able to travel all over the world and bring so many presents to all the kids in just one night.

Well thanks to NORAD and the Santa Tracker we now know how he does it. He and his reindeer travel REALLY fast.

The history of how this came about is pretty fascinating and in the following years has taken on almost an urban legend type of status.

Now when you go to website to track Santa you can also find out about the history of Santa and his sleigh. Listen to his favorite holiday songs, watch Santa movies, even buy Santa gear.

Outside of actually tracking Santa, I think the best thing about the website is the games you can play.

All in all it's fun website to show the kids and help them get excited about Santa and Christmas Eve.  It also just might help you get them to bed when they see how close he is to your house.

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