Montana is a beautiful place, we all know that. Due to word of mouth, celebrities know that as well. It doesn't take rocket scientist to know that some of those stars will take advantage of the beautiful wide open spaces and magical mountains.

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Most celebrity sightings happen at the famous Yellowstone Club in Big Sky Montana. My father has told me about most of these people coming in and out. He has never seen them, he sets up and builds phone and internet lines for a communications company in Big Sky and he usually calls me outside of a celebrity's house and says:

"Guess who's house I'm in front of today?!"

He and staff are not usually allowed to talk to them or even take pictures which goes without saying. The heartwarming thing my dad does is grabs a random stone he can fit in his pocket to say that he was there.

He has seen some "celebrities" that are not exactly on the A-list radar like older TV producer Burt Sugarman, sports athletes, Older musicians that have another life aside from their former stardom like Dave Walker.

What I've always wondered was why someone would build such a huge place in such a high demand and only hang out there for a weekend to ski for a few hours. According to dad, some of these properties lay dormant for months or even years before they are occupies by anyone let alone lights and infrastructure.


Anyway, here are some celebrities that occasionally hang around Montana.


Lars Ulrich

Legendary Metallica drummer frequents his winter home in Montana in between grueling world tours.



Bill Gates

The former tech giant likes to wind down and have fun in the Big Sky state.



Matt Damon

I'm thinking he and Ben Affleck had a team meeting before grabbing up MT property



Ben Affleck

My dad tells me he and Matt Damon have properties right across from each other. Maybe J Lo is there with him.



Justin Timberlake

My dad told me of a trip that staff set up for his parents, but they never came. I got a free  North Face jacket out of it, thanks JT.



Tucker Carlson

He's known to haunt pro shops and relax while fishing in Montana.



Tom Brady

He has all the time in the world at this point, maybe he'll spend more of it around these parts.



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