While browsing Instagram this weekend, I came across an account called "rupublicans", which identifies as "GOP Glammed Up, AI-generated art". I immediately started browsing all the images, laughing away, at the Republicans who have been drag-afied. Though, the most recent image from just a few days ago... really caught my attention.

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Greg Gianforte? No. Miss Montina Abortina

The latest image on the rupublicans Instagram account is using the likeness of none other than Montana's own Governor Greg Gianforte.

In the description, rupublicans said...

Please raise a middle finger for Miss Montina Abortina. This glacier glamazon and her goons are so numerous with uterus legislation that it makes our ovaries roll their eyes. How about shifting your focus from our hoo-has to perfecting that contour game, gurl? Next thing you know, she’ll want to ban drag story hour — oh wait, she does! Impolite! #greggianforte #rupublicans

Quite a description!

Raising Money For ACLU of Montana

They let users know this AI-Generated Drag Queen Governor is a fundraiser, supporting the ACLU of Montana Foundation, which is fighting Montana's wave of anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice legislation. They requested everyone following the account to donate $3 to make a big statement... and a big statement they did make.

$21,208 and counting

After this viral image on Instagram, ACLU of Montana has raised over $21,208 to benefit their fight against anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice legislation in Montana! Condragulations!

If you'd like to support the ACLU in Montana, click the button below!

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