I recently asked our listeners what was the weirdest thing there dogs have ever eaten. Oh man, you all have some weird dogs that is FUR sure.

Some of the things our listeners dogs ate ranged from from food, to clothing and furniture in the responses. We also had numerous "wedding ring" responses. Those dogs must have just thought "ooh shiny, must eat."


The best part of all the responses we got, was that no matter how bad the dog destroyed something, or ate something they weren't supposed to, you could tell there was no love lost. People were almost proud of what they ate or destroyed. It makes for a good story no doubt.

Before we get to some of the crazier responses here are a few teasers of what you guys found your dog had eaten.

3 credit cards on the table

Credit Cards

Jalyn K. said her dog once ate a credit card. Probably saved you from some late night Amazon shopping.



Trina U. said she found her dog eating lettuce. Sounds like her dog was just trying to eat their colors, or different shades of grey when it comes to dogs.



Stacy D. had her dog eat her wallet. Perhaps your dog was just mad you weren't buying them enough treats Stacy.


Shannon R. found her dog ate a starfish once.  Where did it come from since we're a long ways from the ocean.

Keep reading to see some of the more outlandish and wild responses we got from our listeners.

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LOL! See What Weird Items Our Listeners Dogs Have Eaten

See some of the strangest and weirdest things our listeners have caught their dog eating.

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