Montana is a place filled with lovely people and incredible small towns. The only weird part is many of these towns seem to pop out of nowhere.

Montana is the 4th largest state, and if you have ever taken a road trip, you can understand why. Montana is an expansive state with sprawling mountains, dense forests in the west, and rolling hills in the east.

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Most Montana towns are part of a series of towns in a condensed area. Like here, in the Gallatin Valley, you have Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, and Three Forks. Towns that are in decent proximity to each other. You can find valleys like this, especially in western Montana. There is the Flathead Valley, Bitterroot Valley, and more.

Photo by Dan Meyers via Unsplash
Photo by Dan Meyers via Unsplash

Not all of Montana is like this. Many towns in Montana seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Many places in Montana seem to come out of nowhere on many of Montana's highways, and if you aren't paying attention, you could miss them.

So we scoured the state of Montana for the most middle-of-nowhere towns and found quite a few.

Photo by Jeremy Harris via Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Harris via Unsplash

We picked towns in Montana with a population under 2,000 people and where there isn't another town within a 30 to 40-mile direction. These towns exist because the people who live there sustain the businesses and economy going.

We decided to narrow the list down to six towns because there are too many to choose from. We might have to make this a series.

Here are the Five Most Middle of Nowhere Towns in Montana.

The Five Most Middle of Nowhere Towns in Montana

These towns seem to pop up out of nowhere in Montana.

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