FYI Montana It's NBD When It Comes To Acronyms

There is nothing more embarrassing than doing something that you think is correct only to find out you could not be more wrong if you tried.

One way to embarrass yourself is by using the wrong acronyms when texting.

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It's easy to misuse the wrong acronym when things change as fast as they do on the internet.

Add in that those in the older generations, like Generation X and the Baby Boomers, are texting more these days, and there are opportunities to use the wrong acronym with disastrous results.

Take a recent Reddit thread where the user posted about how their mom was using LOL but had confused it to mean "Lots of Love," which made for some very funny texts that weren't meant to be.

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Worst Possible Text At The Worst Possible Time

Making sure you know what you are texting can help avoid the cringe-inducing interaction that Reddit user Ztormiebotbot described:

For example. If someone died in the family she would send “Auntie Name’s Funeral is at 6pm on Wed. LOL”.

Or, the time I told her I got fired and she sent “LOL”.

Or, just the random “LOL” text at 3pm.

I finaly told her what it meant, and her face dropped. She said that she has a lot of apologizing to do.😆

So before you embarrass yourself by texting an inappropriate text, make sure you're using the right acronyms and check out the 40 most searched acronyms in Montana and America.

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