Montana Misses Making New Top 100 List

Montana showing up and making "best of" lists is a bit of a double edged sword.

On one hand, it's nice to be recognized as the best of or rank at the top of something, but with that comes extra attention and a brighter spotlight, something most Montanans would rather not happen.

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Just last week Tammie Toren was ecstatic that Montana missed out on a list of the 50 Best Small Towns To Raise A Family In The U.S.

A sentiment that I assume many of our readers felt the same way towards.

Dollars to donuts I would wager more than half of Montana residents would be quite fine with Montana never being mentioned again if it meant no more outsiders moved here.

A moving truck sits in a driveway in front of a house while the red no circle symbol is overlayed over it

Where Is Montana?

While we can argue on who is allowed to move here and who isn't (along with what values they bring), it's a bit surprising that not a single Montana city showed up on this new list put out by Stacker.

The list we're talking about today is The 100 Best Cities To Raise A Family In America.

In my humble opinion Montana is full of cities, big and small, that would make excellent places to raise your family in, heck I'm raising my family in one and am proud to do so.

It's not just Montana either as Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, West Virginia, Mississippi, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Alaska all don't have a single entry on this list.

If you're wondering who did make the list then check out the gallery below. 👇

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