Slow Your Mow: Should Montana Embrace A ‘Slow Mow Summer’?

I realize May is over, but perhaps you weren't aware there was a trend called "No Mow May."

By not mowing your lawn during the month of May, you can help bees pollinate more flowers, but there actually could be a better way to help those same bees do their job in Montana.

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A bee covered in pollen

What Is Wrong With "No Mow May"?

I was a big fan of "No Mow May" because, with a family of two kids, a dog, and a job, it was a good excuse for not finding time to mow.

The fact that it helped out the bees was a bonus, but it turns out that the science might not be up to snuff, according to the University of Minnesota.

Instead, they say we should be participating in "Slow Mow Summer" if we want to help the bees.

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What Is "Slow Mow Summer?"

The idea of "No Mow May" to help the bees pollinate flowers is a good idea, but it turns out there are plenty of bees that don't even come out of hibernation until June and even as late as July.

To really help those bees out, plant a wide variety of native spring-blooming flowers, trees, and shrubs in your yard, as all of them together will help out a wide variety of bees this summer.

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