One man is claiming very strange things are happening on a ranch he's leasing. 

Reddit User: Imaginary-Traffic-80, (we'll call him John for the sake of the story) got on the site to tell his story after a couple of weird instances that happened to him, his horse, and his cattle. He’s been herding cattle for decades, but since 2007 he's been leasing a ranch in Northeastern Montana. 

There are two old homesteads on the 650-acre property, that have seen a lot of history and this rancher allegedly heard stories of a massacre that happened near the property. 

According to John, there are cliffs and canyons on the property with dwellings at the bottom that still harbor buffalo bones from Natives running the buffalo off cliffs. John travels through the canyon frequently, searching for missing cattle. Since 2017, John has had 138 cattle go missing with no carcasses to find. He's claiming they simply disappeared. 

Credit: Reddit User Imaginary-Traffic-80
Credit: Reddit User Imaginary-Traffic-80

In this canyon John was on his way back from herding cattle on day, and that’s when he saw two hunters who looked spooked. These hunters allegedly told John they were being stalked by a pack of wolves. Not coyotes- wolves. He dismissed the hunters because no one has seen wolves in the area since the 1920’s.  

 Soon after that encounter with the hunters, his normally calm horse named Ace got spooked suddenly and that’s when John heard something terrifying.  

John claims he heard howls coming from all around him, but not like a wolf or coyote. These were high pitched shrieks that eventually stopped when he was out of the canyon. In John’s story he changed names for private reasons... Carter is a fake name. 

The second strange thing was when I approached the Carter homestead. As I crested a hill in front of it, something jumped out of the old log cabin and ran in the opposite direction. I was still close to a mile away, so I had to use my binoculars to get a better look. What I saw through the lenses chilled me to the bone. It was a wolf, but it was massive, and solid black. It was so large that it could be mistaken for a black bear, but it was undeniably canine. After seeing the wolf my gut told me to turn around and come back later with company, but I ultimately continued. Throughout the course of the afternoon, I managed to convince myself that the wolf I saw was nothing more than a coyote, and that its black fur was just a shadow.” 

John approached the homestead on horseback thinking the animals would be just fine like any other normal day, he put them in the pens and went to sleep.  

Credit: Reddit User Imaginary-Traffic-80 Ace the trusty horse
Credit: Reddit User Imaginary-Traffic-80
Ace the trusty horse

The next morning John found the cattle were gone, and so was his horse Ace.  

John claims he and his nephew went on horseback to search for the cattle and his beloved horse. They searched for three days... When they reached a portion of the property where a sink hole lives at the bottom of a canyon, there lied the carcasses of the cattle and  his beloved horse, Ace.  

Credit: Reddit User Imaginary-Traffic-80 Photo of the Cow "John" found that went missing.
Credit: Reddit User Imaginary-Traffic-80
Photo of the Cow "John" found that went missing.

But here’s the freakishly weird part... he's claiming the eyes, snout and ears were missing from the animals. And it appeared the tails were missing as well.  

“The sheriff and veterinarian were both notified and an investigation was launched. The ultimate conclusion was that something had caused the cattle to spook and break out of the corrals, and whatever was spooked them so bad that they ran all the way from Mindt place to the bottom of the sinkhole, in which they perished. When I mentioned the wolf I had seen, they were dismissive, just as I had been when the hunters told me of the wolf three years prior. No foul play was suspected, and the case was closed.” 

John is claiming this happened on the border of Wibeaux and Dawson Counties.  

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

His family is thinking about terminating the lease on the ranch due to cattle going missing which is financially crushing them.  This story sounds a lot like Skin Walker Ranch in Utah. 

Again- this is all a story as of now. But this rancher claims it’s all true with no answers in sight. To read his tale on Reddit click here.  

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