What Town Or City In Montana Suffers From The Most Stress?

Stress is no fun and can be the cause of many health issues such as headaches, chest pains, muscle pains, or sleep.

Work, family and bills are all causes of stress, so having a town cause you even more stress can be almost to much for one to bare.

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Montana is a much slower paced location than places like Los Angeles or New York City, but that doesn't mean we Montanans don't suffer from stress.

Recently the website Zippa set out to find the most stressed out city in each state.

Stress written in letters on red background

To find the most stressed out city in Montana they looked at the following:

  • Unemployment
  • Hours Worked
  • Commute Times
  • Income-To-Home-Price Ratio
  • Percent of Uninsured Population

The higher the rank, the most stressed the city was considered.

A young woman stressed with the words stress all around her

When you think of stressful places in Montana you might think Billings as it's the biggest city in Montana.

More people could equal more stress.

Maybe you're thinking Missoula is the city with the more stress.

Driving in Missoula can definitely cause some stress for plenty of people

However, if you've been paying attention lately it should come as no surprise as to what city is the most stressed out city in Montana.

Aerial view of downtown Bozeman, Montana in summer

Bozeman, Montana

Zippa says this college town is the most stressed out city in Montana.

In the past few years Bozeman has grown by leaps and bounds and housing has become almost unaffordable for long time residents.

That has certainly caused plenty of stress for those living there.

Sadly we don't see this trend changing anytime soon, but hopefully the stress levels can and will go down for those living there.

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