I'm sure you have noticed by now that we here at the Central Montana Radio Network are putting up articles every day.  Some days the ideas come pretty easy, other days, not so much.  The other night was one of those tough days for me.

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I was pacing around the house trying to think of an article idea when my daughter grabbed my hand and said "Dad, I've got an idea for an article." I looked down at her and said, "I'd love to hear it, what do you think I should write about?" Her response was "Write about how astronauts think that moon rocks are what make up Saturn's Rings."

I told her "that's a great idea, and I'm going to write about just that." Truthfully, it was a little white lie. What she did tell me is true, they do believe moon rocks make up the rings around Saturn.

US Space Probe
Getty Images

US Space Probe

American space probe Voyager I passes the rings of Saturn on its journey to the outer reaches of the Solar System, November 1980. An artist's impression. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

I however just wanted to write about my daughter and how I was just smiling from ear to ear with pride. I could tell it was something she just learned in school and was excited to tell me about. When I asked if she knew anything else, she started rattling off other facts about our solar system and her theories about the moon and other planets.

It was a quick five-minute interaction with her, and one she will probably forget in a few days. But not me, I'm holding on to that moment for as long as I can.

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