Where is Montana's Most Deadly Intersection?

We've talked before about how Montana drivers aren't the worst, but also not the best drivers. We rank #24 for best and worst drivers in America.

It's also pretty reassuring that Montana doesn't have very many fatal accidents each year especially when you consider just how much we have to travel in this state.

When you think of deadly intersections you probably would think of Missoula as they're pretty famous for their malfunction junction.

Maybe Billings, or Bozeman are what came to mind for you.

It would make sense, bigger population equals more drivers which means more chance for accidents to happen.

So it was a bit surprising that the website Fang Law Firm said the most deadly intersection in Montana wasn't in one more populous cities, but instead a intersection just outside a small rural Montana town.

A screenshot of google maps showing the intersection of US Hwy 93 and Old US Hwy 93
Google Maps

Montana's Most Deadly Intersection is in Ronan, MT

Just outside of Ronan, MT you'll find the intersection of US Highway 93 and Old US Highway 93, and since 2000 it's been the home of 3 fatal accidents.

It doesn't seem like a lot or very dangerous considering US Highway 2 has an average of 15 deaths a year.

But 3 deaths is still 3 deaths and any loss of life is tragic.

Let's just be happy we aren't places like New Jersey which see 9 deaths at multiple intersections in their state.

To see the full report click here.

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