Cooking can be an amazing skill to learn.  Seeing people enjoy what you made can give you a euphoric feeling.  Cooking for kids who are picky eaters, however, can give you nightmares.

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Kids are notorious for turning their nose up when it comes to meals.  It can be for plenty of reasons. They don't like the color, they don't like the smell, the don't like the texture.  It could also be they don't like a certain ingredient that is in the meal itself.  Then there is the whole vegetable dilemma.



We recently asked our listeners to give us their favorite "kid-friendly" meals. We got a wealth of responses from them that could help you out of your dinner planning nightmares.

My favorite response we got was from Morgen Shumate where she said her favorite "kid-friendly" meal was the "He’s gonna eat whatever I make or go hungry meal!"

We have a rule in our household, and I'm sure many of you do in yours as well.  That you have to try two big bites before you can say you don't like it.  The first one is the try bite, the second one is the confirmation bite.  It's worked out pretty well for us, and has even succeeding getting some new meals into the regular rotation.

So, if you are struggling with what to make for dinners, check out what our listeners said work for them and maybe you'll just find your new family favorite in the gallery below.

Need dinner ideas? Listeners share their top kid-friendly meals

If the thought of planning another meal gives you nightmares, our listeners are here to save you

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