Where are Montanans flying to out of Great Falls Airport?

One of the biggest industries affected by the global pandemic was the travel industry.

The Great Falls International Airport was no exception to those that felt the effects of people staying at home and not traveling as much.

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Thankfully, as we have started to get back to "normal," we are seeing people traveling more.

That is why we decided to see where people were traveling to the most when leaving from the Great Falls airport.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has a very fun tool that allows to you see where the most popular travel destinations are for any airport in America.

It also lets see you see the Great Falls airports most popular airlines, the amount of passengers for both arrival and departure, along with plenty of other statistics.

Summary Data for flights from Great Falls International Airport

How busy is Great Falls International Airport?

I am shocked at just how many people fly in and out of our airport.

I have flown out of Great Falls back to my hometown a few times since living in Montana, and for the most part, it has never seemed very busy.

The planes were always full of passengers, but you would not see a full bustling airport like what you would find when visiting LAX or O'Hare.

But we are not here to talk about just how many people fly out of the GTF International Airport, we also want to find out where they are traveling to the most.

The 7 Most Popular Destinations From The Great Falls Airport

See where people are traveling to the most from out of the Great Falls International Airport

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