Oh man February 15th is one of my favorite days of the year. I am willing to bet it is one of your favorite days as well. That reason; cheap candy!

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I love a good sale as I am all about saving money. I do not bother with 10% off, I need that 50% off sale.

That is why the day after Valentine's Day is awesome. All that unsold candy must go somewhere. That somewhere is into my mouth.


It is not just the day after Valentine's I like either. I love the day after Easter. I love November 1st. The day after Christmas is great as well, as that is when you can get great deals on those Christmas decorations. Had some lights burn out, BOOM, December 26th to the rescue.


Admit it, conversation hearts and boxes of chocolate covered cherries taste just as good on February 15th as they do on February 14th. In fact, they might taste better cause you got them for CHEAP!

If you love to save money there are great times to buy almost ANYTHING in any month. The NerdWallet website has a list of a few big ticket items that you might look to buy and what month is the best to do it in.


Now if you will excuse me, I am heading over to the discount aisle to pick up some cheap candy.

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