Why Every Montanan Should Add A Ball Of Tin Foil To Their Dishwasher

When it comes to household chores, I love a good life hack.

I will admit that when I first came across this one, I scoffed at the idea, but after reading more, I think it's worth a try.

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A woman in birkenstocks takes out a plate from the dishwasher

How Does A Ball Of Tin Foil In Your Dishwasher Help Clean Your Dishes

When it comes to cleaning your dishes, there are lots of different ways you can go about it.

You can choose to rise or not rise; use pods or liquid soap. There are even drying agents you can use or not use.

Everyone has their own way of doing it, but what about adding tin foil to your load to help get the dishes sparkling clean?

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A roll of tin foil against a gray background

Tin Foil Can Go In Your Dryer Too

According to Readers Digest, who tried this tin foil in the dishwasher trick, it can help make your silverware look shinier.

So if you've got some dull and drab-looking silverware, toss a ball of tin foil in with your next load. What can it hurt?

Oh, and toss a couple balls in your dryer, as they can help reduce static electricity without the need for dryer sheets, which can leave a film on your clothes.

Another great kitchen hack is putting paper towels in your refrigerator, which helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer.

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