If you ever find yourself frustrated when using duct tape, masking tape or painters tape, and can't find the end, you are going to love this trick.  It's one of those "it's so simple I can't believe I didn't think of it" type of things.  We probably didn't think of it because we aren't using tape everyday.

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I have done a lot of painting in our house, and that means a lot of taping to prep for said painting.  There is nothing more rage inducing that grabbing a roll of tape and being unable to find the end.  Then when you finally find the end you struggle getting it loose from the roll.  Thankfully the pros who deal with tape daily are here to help reduce our anger.

Austin Kay on TikTok works in film production and he's got a very informative TikTok channel that posts little tips and tricks he's learned from his time in the film industry.

Taping is a big part of making films, from keeping all the cords taped down so no one trips, to taping down marks for the actors to know where to walk to or stand.  Films probably go through as many rolls of tape in a day as I would in a year.

When you deal with that much tape, you find ways to make things easier on you and save time, and that's what this video will do for you.

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