The Top Of Your Fridge Doesn't Make A Good Storage Shelf

If your household is like ours, with a couple of adults and kids, along with pets, you know how easily and quickly it can get cluttered.

In an effort to keep the house clean it might seem like a good idea to place some items on top of your fridge, but turns out it's a bad idea.

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I'm honestly guilty of utilizing the top of my refrigerator as extra storage, and I would wager I'm not the only one to do so.

You may be wondering why does it even matter what I place on top of my fridge, and it's not a bad question honestly.

Depending on what you are putting up there, you're potential spoiling food to quickly or even setting you or someone else up for an accident.

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A man is scared of what is on top of the fridge in his kitchen

Why You Should Never Store Items On Top Of Your Fridge

Now these rules aren't coming from me as I mentioned I'm guilty of a few of the things they say to keep off your fridge.

Author Ally Childress from the website Reader's Digest is who came up with this list, and she talked to a few experts for the reasons why.

One of biggest reason to not place items on top of the fridge is the fire hazard that can come about due to blocking insulation.

Having items that are flammable or large in size blocking the ventilation needed for your fridge to operate properly are major fire hazards.

To see all the items you should keep off the top of your fridge check the gallery below. 👇

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