Popular Montana Travel Destinations

Montana's economy thrives due to the large number of tourists that come through each year.

However, it's not just out of state visitors that do some traveling in the Big Sky, as residents take vacations here as well.

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If you are still looking for some summer travel plans then the travel experts have one place in Montana that they say you need to visit this July.

The traveling website Traveling Lifestyle have come up with 23 places to visit.

They list places like Sequoia National Park, Lake of the Ozarks and San Juan Islands along with plenty more, but we feel the best place on the list is the one located in Montana.

A Yellowstone National Park Sign

Yellowstone National Park

We have to admit, we were a little surprised Glacier National Park wasn't named, considering the Going to the Sun Road doesn't usually open until mid to late June, making July a great time to visit.

That said you can't go wrong with picking Yellowstone National Park as your destination either either.

Here is why Traveling Lifestyle picked it as one of the best places to visit in July,

Yellowstone offers not only breathtaking mountain landscapes, from the mesmerizing colors of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to the deep Yellowstone Lake, but also so much wildlife that you might think you have arrived at a safari park.

The fact they don't even mention Old Faithful shows you just how much there is to see and do during your next visit.

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