Is This Really The Most Ugly Town In The Treasure State?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are plenty of people both inside and outside of Montana that would say this town is ugly.

It's sad too, because the town is honestly one of the coolest and unique towns in the state.

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So who is saying this town is ugly?

That would be the travel website A Lot Travel, as they set out to bash one town in each state in America, dubbing them the ugliest cities in each state.

In their write up about this town they included this quote about the town,

No place I’ve ever been has more acutely captured the stale beer and piss, dirty ashtray vibe of utter despair."

Those are some pretty strong words for such a town, but perhaps you have already guessed what town they are talking about here?

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Butte Montana Mine overlooking downtown

Why Is Butte, Montana The Ugliest Town In The State?

Honestly, I have no idea why people consider Butte ugly, I personally love Butte.

OK, yeah there is the Berkley Pit that is doing the town no favors, and yeah the historic district does have a few buildings that are pretty run down looking.

All that said, Butte is just one of the more unique towns in Montana.

It's hard to explain if you've never been to Butte, but you can just feel the history of the town when you are there.

As far as it being ugly, I look at it this way, you know how you can pick on your brother or sister, but if someone outside does you take offense?

That's Butte, we can make all the jokes about it we want, but in true Butte fashion we'll kick ya in the teeth if you try and do it.

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