I was browsing Reddit today instead of working, like most of us do, and I ran across this post on the Montana subreddit.

All you can eat for $1.95?!?  I say we do not need an Olive Garden in Great Falls, we need to bring back "Little Big Men."

Granted I have never heard of "Little Big Men" but a few people I asked said they remember it in the Holiday Village Mall.  Apparently it is still open in Laurel, only now it is under the name "Fowl Play."  They say it is the same food just under a new name, might have to take a trip to try it out.

I know we will not get the price on this advertisement, because it is not the 70's now, but I would rather support what I have gathered was a locally owned Montana restaurant than a big chain one.

However I did check the inflation calculator to see what the price would be today and it comes out to being 7.70 in today's money.  That is a good deal for an "all you can eat" meal in today’s economy.

While we are at it can we bring back "Dagwoods?"  I have never heard so many people talk so fondly of a place that was closed as I have when it comes to that place.

Maybe I am just feeling nostalgic today, but I think we sometimes need to look to the past to make a better future.  That or I am just craving some all you can eat pasta.

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