Donald Trump on his Truth Social social media platform said he had a major announcement to make.

Speculation ran wild. Was he announcing an upcoming rally tour across America as he gears up for his 2024 presidential campaign? Was he perhaps thinking of running for speaker of the House?

Turns out it is a lot less interesting. It is a series of collectable trading cards.

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If you do not know what a NFT is don't worry, most people don't.  They have been compared to a Ponzi scheme, and by May of this year it seems people caught on to that fact.

The entire thing seems to be, in my opinion, a grift. It is just one more way for Donald Trump to leech money off his biggest fans. Which, according to a recent poll by Quinnipiac, looks to be getting smaller by the day.

Now to be sure, Trump will sell some of these cards no doubt. Plus, if you buy any of them you are entered into a sweepstakes to win certain prizes. If you bought forty-five of them, at a cost of $4,500, you could win a "Gala Dinner with Trump". Oddly enough though you do not even have to buy them to be entered to win. It's right there on his website that there is no purchase necessary to win.

His NFT announcement is not really going over well with his most faithful followers.

What made Donald Trump so popular back in 2015/2016 was he was speaking to the everyday American and talking about their grievances.

Lately the energy and excitement just is not there for his latest run for President. That is due to a shift in his rhetoric. It is no longer about how the elite is screwing the little man. It is about how he has been screwed.

People are worried about how they are going to put groceries on the table, pay for gas, or medical bills piling up. We do not have time to worry about how a billionaire who lives on a golf resort feels he has been cheated. The last thing "We the People" want or need is to collect $99 Donald Trump baseball cards.

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