A Mysterious Sign Has Appeared In Great Falls

I was driving to work today after stopping off at the post office, and as I drove down 1st Ave. N, I came across a cryptic sign written on a wood pallet.

So, Great Falls, I'm coming to you for help. Does anyone know what in the world this is supposed to mean?

A strange message is written on a wood pallet
Nick Northern

Who is Shams And When Did They Meet Rumi?

The weird thing about this sign is that it is not the first time I have seen it near this location.

Maybe a week ago I was driving down 9th Ave. S., and it was once again propped up against the street light for all to see, only this time it was closer to the Loaf 'N Jug.

I need to know who both Rumi and Shams are and why there is "hunger doom" because they met once. Also, who is C.M. Doom? Are they the ones who made the sign?

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The Town Pump on the corner of 14th St S and 10th Ave S in Great Falls Montana
Nick Northern

This Isn't The Only Place Strange Signs Have Shown Up

After getting to work, I was telling my co-worker Tammie Toren about the sign, and she said she too had seen odd writings on wooden pallets over near Town Pump on the corner of 14th St S and 10th Ave S.

Unfortunately when I went to investigate there was no sign there today, and thus I'm no closer to understanding the message that apparently C.M. Doom wants us to hear.

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A man in a robe with a fake beard holding a "the end is near" sign

Is Someone Trying To Warn Great Falls Residents?

Both times I've seen the sign, there has been no one near to ask for the meaning, and that's why I'm hoping someone out there has the answer.

Is this a "the end is near," type of situation where someone is letting us know that doom is coming?

If you have the answers to the meaning of the sign let us know through our App or email me the answer.

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