What Is The Largest Whitetail Deer Shot In Montana?

Deer hunting season, which started in October, is nearing the end of the season in Montana.

If you are an avid hunting it should come as no surprise that we've got some pretty good hunting under the Big Sky.

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Growing up, I always wanted to be someone who caught a record fish, or bagged a deer with a massive rack.

As I've grown older I've come to realize that setting a record, while nice, is not exactly what the purpose of fishing and hunting are all about.

However, some one has to set the record even if they aren't trying to, and when it comes to Whitetail Deer, the record was set way back in 1974.

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a large antlered whitetail buck looking at something behind it

How Are Whitetail Deer Antlers Scored?

There are a couple ways to score a deer's antlers, depending on how the animal was killed.

According to the website The Whitetail Deer:

The Boone and Crocket rules allow scoring of a deer no matter how it was killed. The Pope and Young club requires the deer must have been killed by a bow and arrow.

There are other factors, like minimum inches to be considered, typical and atypical symmetry, the deer we're talking about today is using the Boone and Crocket rules.

Thomas H. Dellwo Bagged This Record Setting Deer In 1974.

The largest typical deer shot in Montana scored an impressive 199 3/8 on the Boone and Crocket score card.


It ranks #18 in the world for biggest Whitetails, but remember that is for typical, what about atypical?

That record goes to Frank A. Pleskac who in 1968 bagged this deer that scored 252 1/8.

Frank Pleskac's Montana State Record Non-Typical Buck
North American Whitetail via YouTube

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