Is This Change In Policy Wanted At Montana Targets?

Walk into almost any chain store these days and you'll see something familiar in each one of them.

A line of people waiting to check out their items themselves.

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Self-check out lanes are a pretty divisive topic, some people love them, others complain that they are having to do the job of store employees.

I go back and forth on whether or not I like them. If I have just one or two items, I love them because I can quickly scan them and get out the store fast.

Where it becomes frustrating is when I have one or two items and have to wait for someone with a cart full of dozens of items to check out. If you feel the same way, then perhaps you'll be happy with the proposed change at Montana Targets.

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A self check out sign with a green light on top

Not Everyone Is Happy About The Proposed Changes

So, what are these new changes? According to a report from CNN Target will soon only allow people to use the self-check out lanes if you have 10 items or less.

Sounds like good news right?

Well, not according to workers who post on the Reddit subreddit for Target employees.

They say people will ignore the sign no matter how many items they have, or that there aren't enough checkers on duty to cover for all the people who have more than 10 items.

While I haven't seen this change implemented here in Montana yet, I hope it doesn't come to blows like some of the posters on the subreddit have talked about.

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