Get A Great Meal Anytime At Montana's Best 24 Hour Restaurant

The pandemic seemed to forever alter our way of life, both in big ways and also seemingly small ways.

One of those ways is the reduction of places that are open 24 hours 7 days a week, including restaurants.

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The amount of 24 hour restaurants in Montana seems almost non existent anymore.

Just a decade ago there used to be plenty of 24 hour restaurants; for either travelers or people looking for late night meal after a night out on the town.

Now doing a Google search for "24 hour restaurants near me" returns just a couple, if any in your vicinity.

Thankfully one place is still keeping the light on for those late night diners needing a bite to eat.

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a sign on a building saying "come in we're open"

"Nothing Fancy, Just Good Food"

That's how the restaurant we are about to tell you about describes themselves as.

The website Delish set out to find each state's best 24 hour restaurant, and when it comes to Montana you just need to head to the capital city.

Helena is home to Shellies Country Cafe, which Delish says is the best place for 24 hour food in Montana.

Here's what they had to say about Shellie's

Shellie's feeds big portions to hungry truckers 24 hours a day, whether they're craving breakfast sandwiches or prime rib. The locals know to top off their meal with a Marionberry milkshake.

Sticking a bit closer to home it seems Great Falls now only has 2 places to eat no matter the time of day.

That's Denny's inside the Flying J up on Gore Hill, and Hardee's located on 10th Ave S.

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