It is no secret we have a long winter season in Montana. We have had a good amount of snow so far in 2022 and that got me wondering when we get the first snow fall in Great Falls.

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Now a couple of things to realize before we start. It can snow almost any time in Montana. Heck the first year I lived in Montana it snowed on my birthday which is at the end of May. I remember telling my mother about it and wondering what have I gotten myself into with my move here.

To find out the information for this article I called up the National Weather Service here in Great Falls. I spoke with Paul Nutter, and he was insanely helpful and kind. He had no problem helping me get the information I was looking for. If you ever want to know any weather information, give them a call at (406) 453-2081.

So, when telling him what I was looking to do we set a couple of parameters. We decided to not include those rare times it does snow in the summer. We started looking just at our winter season, which runs from around September until the end of May.

Paul also told me that the average first day it starts to snow in Great Falls is Oct 8th. The average last day is May 11th. Like I said, we have a long winter here in Montana.

So now that you understand how we got this information, check out the gallery below to find out when the first snow fell in Great Falls since the new millennium.

See what day the first snow came to Great Falls since 2000

We asked the National Weather Service what day it first snowed in Great Falls

Coldest day in Great Falls since 2000

What day was the coldest day each year since 2000

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