Guy’s, we have all been there right?  You wife says she is not hungry and yet when you go get food or the food arrives suddenly she is hungry.

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It is a bit of a stereotype for sure but seeing this TikTok made me laugh. His total exasperation I think is what does it for me. It is painfully obvious this is not the first time he has had this happen to him. I would wager it will not be the last time it does either.

Smart husbands have learned that when she says she is not hungry, to order what she likes anyway.  That or come back with some extra fries so you don't have to share.  Selfish? You bet. Smart? Most definitely.

All kidding aside, the wife’s laugh might be the best part of the video. It is so infectious and contagious that it is hard not to laugh with her. They obviously have a good relationship if she felt comfortable putting this out on the internet for all to see.

This video feels real as well. Anymore the majority of the TikTok videos you see are staged. They are crafted and created to get as many views as possible. They are trying to game the algorithm and go viral. Not this one, this one went viral based on pure frustration on the part of the husband.

On behalf of husbands and boyfriends everywhere, we feel ya man.


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