Nichelle Laus on Tik Tok put out a video we all need to see. With Christmas coming around plenty of people are purchasing gift cards for those hard to buy people.

*raises hand* Hi, it’s me, I'm hard to buy for people.

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Gift cards are a wonderful way to get a person you care about something that they can then use to get what they want for themselves. While buying a gift with some thought is always appreciated, some people just are not good at communicating what it is they want.

So, with the increase of gift card purchases during the holiday season along with it comes the increase of scammers. That is why Nichelle’s video is import for you to see, so you can protect yourself this holiday season.

The scammers place a different bar code on a gift card at the store that is then linked to another card that they have for themselves. You buy the gift card thinking it is loaded for the dollar amount and then wrap it up to give as a gift.

However, all that money that you purchased on that gift card has been loaded up on to the scammers card and already spent by the time Christmas comes around.

It is amazing the amount of hard work a scammer will put in for illegal gains. Check out the video below to see how they pull off their scam.

@nichellelaus Gift Card Scam. Please be aware and share with your friends and family. #HOLIDAYSHOPPING #GIFTCARDSCAM ♬ Stories 2 - Danilo Stankovic

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