See One of These 7 Animals Outdoors in Montana? Report it Immediately.

An ecosystem is a very delicate thing.  Any sort of imbalance can have devastating effects that are far reaching.

That is why the Montana Invasive Species Council has put out a list of species that you need to report right away when spotted before the population turns into a problem.

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What Are Invasive Species?

Invasive species are any plants, land or aquatic animal or insect that is not native to our state.

These organisms can cause damage to not just our ecosystem, but also our natural and cultural resources, the economy, and even human health.

You may remember a few years back an invasive mussel detection that in the years since has made the state more keenly aware of invasive species. Because of that situation we have doubled our yearly spending for prevention and control of invasive species.

A Zebra Mussel

How Do Invasive Species Show Up?

There are lots of ways non native invasive species can arrive in Montana.

Perhaps you put your boat in waters in another state and they tagged along.

Maybe it was a family pet that got just a bit too big and then was released into the wild

Whatever the reason the fact is that some species can completely take over our native species in a hurry.

That is why the state looks to you for help.

By reporting any species you see you're insuring the Montana you love and respect continues to stay that way.

7 Invasive Animals You Need To Report Immediately In Montana

We want the Treasure State to stay the place we all love, so that is why when you see these 7 animals you should report them immediately.

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